Cancelled TV Shows Find Their Way On The Internet

Veronica Mars

Nowadays, it is becoming a common practice for cancelled TV shows to look for a place on the Internet where they could be revived. The trend is no longer like before when cancelled TV shows, even their unaired episodes, simply disappeared into oblivion.

Among the axed television shows that are now rising like a bunch of zombies from The Walking Dead series are Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. According to the PaidContent website, the show will be revived in Hulu, iTunes and ABC website.

This would serve as good news for the fans of the show who are looking forward to seeing its rerun and unaired episodes. However, this does not mean that future seasons for the show will be made since the cast are likely to have moved on to another show or their contracts have already expired.

Also, remember that show with the time-travelling guy holding a Katana and with Ali Larter called Heroes? The television show ran from 2006 up to 2010. Originally, it started as a popular and heavily hyped TV series, but due to the continuous decline of its viewership in the long run, it was eventually cancelled. In spite of the awesome powers of the heroes that can either incite or prevent Armageddon, they were not able to save their show from getting axed. Luckily, a savior came for the superheroes of the cancelled TV show in the form of Xbox Live and MSN.

Ashton Kutcher was known to have started the refuge of cancelled TV shows on the Internet. After the cancellation of The Beautiful Life by The CW channel following only two episodes with embarrassingly low number of viewers, the series producer appealed in YouTube for more support from people. He stated that the show will only go on if a specific number of viewership is achieved. The move was no good though as people who watched the show remained low in numbers.

Despite the unsuccessful return of many series from the grave, one cancelled television show called Veronica Mars found the move a wise choice. The transition of the series to the Internet gained it exposure which helped their Kickstarter campaign for a movie.

Basing on the move of the people behind television shows, it just displays that the Internet is simply a strong tool as it could even pull off a Lazarus effect on already dead shows. Besides, there are many viewers now who would prefer watching shows over the Internet as it would enable them to see the series without waiting for the lengthy commercials to finish.

Just look at the phenomenon of Game of Thrones, which is the most pirated show on the Internet. It is offered on cable TV but people still download it. In addition to the lack of ads from shows offered on the Internet, downloading would enable people to watch the reruns all they want.

According to the news source, the leading website that is being used by cancelled TV shows as a safe haven is Netflix.

Source: PaidContent