Canada to get Facebook Home weeks after the US


If you are living in Canada and are waiting to get the all new launcher for Android smart phones, the Facebook Home launcher, then you will have to wait for a few more weeks. This is because the Facebook Home will be launched on the 12th of this month and this will be exclusive to AT&T. And it goes without saying that AT&T will also be featuring the new HTC First Android smart phone, which is the first smart phone to come with Facebook Home pre installed out of the box.

So, as these two products are going to be exclusive to AT&T, the people in Canada will have to wait for a bit longer to get their hands on the new launcher for their Android smart phones. And not just that, the Facebook Home app will be released on the 12th of this month only in the United States. And moreover, not all Android devices will be able to install the app. The app will be available for less than ten devices to begin with.

And as for the devices, almost all of the high end devices in the market today will be supported, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, and the list is said to include the up coming high end smart phones such as the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy  S IV. So even if you live in the United States, you will not able to try out the new Facebook Home if you do not have any one of these smart phones.

The Facebook Home app for Android tablets will be made available in the Android Play Store only a few months after the smart phone version becomes available. And over the next few weeks, we can expect the social network giant to make the app available to all Android smart phones.

Source: Phone Arena

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