Bump has been bumped out of iOS

bump2Two days ago when Bump users went to bump their phones together and tried to transfer music by iTunes got a bolt from the blue as they were tabbed by this box : “We’re sorry, but we are no longer permitted access to iTunes audio files on the device.”

The equation is pretty simple, Apple has cut off it’s shrewd alliance with the Bump and so it has lost it’s iTunes privileges. Apple by far didn’t announce anything concerning this matter, but the cause is yet a mystery in the Smartphone business.

Bump is a free app sponsored by the Bump technologies for the Apple’s iOS and also Google’s Android OS which lets two devices pair together and thus creating a platform to share files and photos throughout the net. It can also also be a transfer media between a computer and phone. For all these facts, it’s been awarded as the eighth most popular app of all time, moreover this particular app was the billionth downloaded app on Apple’s App Store creating a record. All these benefactor contributions of Bump has been dumped by iOS as it is now not allowed to share music within iTunes. Still the question remains, why?

Experts have given their estimation in this regards and then concluded that the expulsion is done due to its not being in business. It has lacked in servicing these couple of previous stages and proven to be a failure (a sort of) to Apple, they guess. But Bump has been changed in only the updated versions, the unupdated devices has still Bump on.


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