Bring Out The Tycoon In You With Android’s Top Business Simulation Games

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A business simulation game is a good exercise for you to hone your decision-making skills. It will give you a little taste of how it is like to dominate an industry in the business sector.

Although most of the business simulation games are not that accurate as compared to real life situation, these will provide a good way to stimulate your brain and learn a thing or two about running a company nonetheless. This is because the basics of business are somehow featured there.

In addition to the basics of business that you will learn from an entrepreneurship game, this type of leisure is a good way to pass your day when you can’t find anything interesting to do.

Here are the top Android business simulation games that will give you an idea how to run your own shop and help you get past a boring day:

1. Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story

This Android game is among my favorites. Game Dev Story will let you fill-in the shoes of the owner of a startup game company. Your goal is to create best-selling products that will propel the business into the top of the market.

The game is not as easy as it looks though, because as an owner and manager, you should be able to learn how to allocate your resources properly. You should also make sure that your workers, ranging from programmer to sound effects engineer, are always motivated and focused on their jobs in order to ensure profit.

Many Android users who have downloaded Game Dev Story were pleased of its features and gameplay. The average rating that the game earned from Google Play is 4.7 stars out of 5 which stemmed from the scores given by more than 21,000 users. You can download the app for only $2.50.

2. Mega Mall Story

mega mall

Second on the list is Mega Mall Story. Basically, the theme of this one centers on running your own mall. You will start as a small store and your goal is to elevate its status into a five-star shopping joint.

Every type of establishment that is usually found in the mall can be added to your very own virtual mega mall like restaurants, specialty stores for clothes, entertainment area and more. On top of that, you can even build your own helipad on the roof of your mega mall for your classy way of transport.

Once the popularity of your business takes its peak, an event called “Fever” takes place wherein customers will come in a mega proportion.

Based on more than 900 user reviews, this business simulation game has been given a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. You can buy this game from the Google Play store for only $4.99.

3. Venture Towns

venture towns

If you want a business that is massive in scale, Venture Towns is the one for you. You can build anything from houses, stores, skyscrapers and plenty of other structures in this business simulation game. Your aim is to jack up the value of real estate in your very own town through the introduction of developments.

Aside from building structures, you can influence the way of living of the people living in your own city as well. You can dictate their economy though your decision-making skills which will let them improve their status to the point that they will be able to buy food, cars, houses and other necessities. Moreover, you can run a local lottery too that will instantly provide huge benefits to the winning residents of your town.

Based on more than 520 reviews, the game gained an average of 4.2 stars out of 5. You can buy this game for around $4.50.

Source: Google Play