Board Member Shares His View On Future Apple Products

Smartwatch concept from T3.
Smartwatch concept from T3.

During a major event for the employees of Intuit, the close friend of the late Steve Jobs who is also serving as an Apple board member, Bill Campbell shared his view on future Apple products. Among the Apple future products that Campbell discussed were the much rumored iWatch and hi-tech glasses that could potentially compete with the Google Glass.

Reportedly, Campbell sat down with Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit, to discuss with Intuit employees the factors that could propel a brand into the market. Among the other things that were tackled were how a manager should handle an organization and the latest trends affecting the technology industry. The factors that seemingly hinder the progress of the tech sector were talked about too.

In the course of the conference, Campbell was very careful about the closely guarded secrets of his company though, like the details of future Apple products. So, he did not reveal many details about them. However, he confirmed that his company is currently working with apps and gadgets that could bring inanimate things to life like watches and glasses.

Campbell was quoted by CNET to have praised the Google Glass innovation. He said that it is indeed a “phenomenal breakthrough”. He added that with the advent of the new technologies, watches and glasses of the future will become as intimate as the cell phone was to people.

Based on recent reports and rumors circulating over the Internet, the development of wearable computing seems to be the main goal of the people in Apple. One of the heavily hyped future Apple products that have been generating a big buzz before it is even released is the iWatch. As the name of the device implies, it would be similar to a wristwatch that works on iOS. The Apple watch would also come with curved glass said rumors from numerous tech sites like CNET and Techradar. The rumor about the flexible display was based on the claim of various news sites that the big company has filed a patent for such. Another patent was filed for a display apparatus that can be worn on the head, which is probably the device that will go head-to-head with Google Glass, added the source from CNET.

In addition to the flexible display, the future Apple product presently called as “iWatch” by rumormongers will feature the ability to make calls, caller ID, GPS, pedometer and monitoring several health data such as heart rate and other vital signs.

Bloomberg stated as well that the Cupertino-based company has around 100 people working on the smartwatch project. So far, the company seems to be speeding up the development of the smartwatch so that it can be slated for release this 2013.

A separate report from CNET said that Apple is really pressured about releasing their smartwatch this year because Samsung and Google appear to be separately working with a similar project. Moreover, the pressure comes from the overwhelming demand of gadget enthusiasts for such product.

Sources: CNET, Bloomberg and Techradar

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