BlackBerry scraps BBM Music service

BlackBerry Music

BlackBerry has a few services up its sleeves for its customers, there is the awesome enterprise email service with security one of the best in its class, and the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) instant messaging service, and many more. BBM is like the WhatsApp for BlackBerry for BlackBerry users. But now WhatsApp is available for BlackBerry as well, which is a different story. But the BBM service is extremely popular among the crowd which likes BlackBerry smart phones.

Keeping this as the strength, the BlackBerry maker, when it was called Research in Motion, back in 2011, started a new music sharing service called the BBM Music. Users of the BlackBerry Messenger service are able to share their favorite music tracks with other BlackBerry Messenger users on their list. This service costs $4.99 a month, which is the subscription fee for the service.

Now, the Canadian company has announced that it will be axing the service from June 2nd. So if you love this service and use BlackBerry Music extensively, you have till June 2nd to continue doing that. And because BlackBerry Music users are not going to take this happily, the company has put in an attractive offer with the announcement. Bloomberg writes, “[The] subscribers will be given 30 days free access to the RDIO music service, the Waterloo, Ontario-based company said today in an e-mail.”

There is no idea why the company is axing the service, probably because it is becoming expensive for the company to manage more services, or may be because there are just very less users of the BlackBerry Music service. But when the service was released back in 2011, there were 45 million BlackBerry Messenger users, and that number has increased to 60 million now. And the company has announced a raise in its profits as well, which it expects will continue to the next quarter as well. And the company’s stock has increased by 26 per cent this year.

Source: Bloomberg

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