BlackBerry Q10 Canadian launch on May 1

BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry has finally released details on the BlackBerry Q10 release date and it will be hitting the homeland of Canada on May 1. The keyboard edition has been very well liked, but BlackBerry has been slow getting it out to buyers.

Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility and Telus will all be carrying the BlackBerry Q10 and will all have three year contracts with $199 subsidised fee. Future Shop and Walmart Canada will be selling the phone as well.

However, BlackBerry wil not be launching the BlackBerry Q10 first in Canada. Instead, they wil be heading for the UK, where they did very well with the BlackBerry Z10.

The UK has been a big supporter of the BlackBerry brand, although in all countries it has hit hard times. The release date is unspecified, but will be sometime in April.

As for the US, it is again unspecified the exact release date, although it will be coming sometime late May, after the Canadian release.  It will be priced at $249 with a two year contract.

BlackBerry seems to be recovering from a good few years of poor sales, with the BlackBerry Z10 selling over one million in the US and around half a million in the UK and Canada.

However, doubts still remain about BlackBerry’s future, with rumours of the BlackBerry Z10 starting to stockpile around Europe and BlackBerry’s slow effort to get the Q10 release date sorted, it is stil not certain they will continue running.

Source: Mashable