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BlackBerry Patent Featuring Slider Smartphone Might Hint At BB10 Torch

blackberryWe often talk about iPhones and Android Devices, but it’s equally important to discuss Blackberry, a company that is still very popular in the business class. Most Smartphone users who are interested mainly in the ‘fancy and cool’ applications would rather own a Samsung or an Apple device as opposed to a Blackberry. This is mainly because of the availability of thousands of applications on Android and Apple OS.

However, those Smartphone users who have to use the instant messaging or the email service will definitely go for Blackberry. Blackberry has already launched one of its most stylish phones, Z10, and the phone has been very popular amongst Blackberry users. But now, it seems like Blackberry will continue expanding and trying to increase their market share.

Blackberry is going to launch its new phone, Q10 very soon but a new patent awarded to Blackberry hints at new Blackberry10 device which looks like BB Torch. Although Q10 has not been released as yet, it is believed that it will be a trend setter and in the Smartphone industry and even more popular than the Z10. The main reason for this is that Blackberry users prefer to use the QWERTY keyboard rather than the touch feature. This makes emailing and instant messaging more convenient.

However, a potential problem with the Q10 could be that due to the inclusion of the QWERTY keyboard, the screen size may be compromised. So in order to cater to this issue, it is believed that Blackberry will launch yet another ‘10’ which will have both the provisions; an enlarged screen size and the keyboard.

It looks like the idea will be similar to that of the slide phone (torch) that Blackberry has launched before as well. The new patent issued to Blackberry supports the fact that the company might introduce the slide phone very soon. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what next the Blackberry store has for us! One thing is for sure, Blackberry would not disappoint its customers.


Source: Ubergizmo

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