BlackBerry confirms production of mid range phones

With HTC and Sony grabbing the market by sheer numbers, smartphone manufacturers like BlackBerry and Nokia need to buckle up if they are to keep pace. And BlackBerry is doing exactly that. has put up pictures of the newest offering in the pipeline – The BlackBerry R Series. The phone has reverted to the original physical QWERTY keypad avatar, after a departure from tradition with the Z10 phone. The picture of the phone has popped up on a number of different forums putting rumors to rest. The R-Series is coming soon and will target the mid to high end market.

For those who can’t get enough of tech news, blog site BlackBerry Empire has posted additional details about what the R-Series is offering consumers. A sketch of the phone shows a Micro SIM card as well as an SD card slot; a convenient feature for those bitten by the travel bug and want to take their phones along. Travelers can easily switch their SIM cards in different countries. Other features include 8GB storage, exactly half of what the Q10 and Z10 phones are offering users. The R-Series will not be packed with features like the Z10 but works well for those looking for a travel phone with a convenient keypad. Since the phone is targeting mid bracket income consumers, it is priced at an affordable $300 to $400. The design is also sleeker than its predecessors.

The phone is expected to be launched sometime in late summer or in early fall this year.


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