Bitdefendor launches free antivirus for android


Bitdefender is a well known antivirus program which is already available as free version on desktops and laptops running on windows. Looks like the company was not satisfied with the PC version of the antivirus as in a recent announcement, bitdefender released a free version of the bitdefender antivirus for android phones.

Bitdefender android


Antivirus have been on Pcs for a long time and many of the famous antivirus softwares like Avast, AVG already have an android version available for grabs on the play store. So, it was only a matter of time that bitdefender released their own android version in the coming days.

The best part of bitdefender is that it is free and would continuously scan your android phone for incoming threats. The antivirus program will have to compete with other softwares like avast and lookout security which has over million downloads.

“We’ve seen an uncontrolled explosion in Android malware in the last year, so we’ve created a solution to counter that trend,” said Bitdefender Chief Security Researcher Catalin Cosoi. “We would like to see it as widely employed as possible, so we made it easy to use, light on the battery and lethal to Android malware.”

The press release from the software firm further adds that a research conducted by their team found that android malware has increased to a shocking 27% in the last six months alone and it is very essential for an antivirus firm to keep these attacks at bay. These malware tend to steal personal data like passwords and could eventually increase your internet bill, telephone bill etc.

But what makes this antivirus program different from the others available on the play store?

Well, the antivirus program boasts of a unique in the cloud scanning feature which makes sure that the software does minimum harm to the device’s battery. In short the program takes up very little battery as compared to other competitors. Further we all know that Bitdefender has been in the industry for quite a long time and hence we can safely say that the company is trustworthy.

However we would like to see some other features included with the basic antivirus scanning like remote locating the device or a lock cam which can come handy in case you lose your phone. But we would be expecting too much from the program especially in these initial stages and we hope that these features are added to the program in the near future.

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