Bing lists more malicious websites than Google!

According to a research carried out by a testing lab in Germany, Search Engines still allow a few malicious sites to crop up in the results listing. Microsoft’s Bing is less effective than Google at filtering out malicious sites before listing out results of a search query. The findings are from Germany’s AV-Test lab after an 18 month survey was carried out to identify search engines that offer the least protection against dangerous websites.

goo2Most search engines have strong measures in force to protect users from nasty websites by filtering out results that contain potential Trojans, worms, viruses and other results. In addition to Google and Bing, five other search engines were test subjects and participated in the survey to determine the number of malicious sites slipping through the search engine scanner. Yandex, Russia’s indigenous Google, Baidu, a Chinese search Engine, Blekko, Faroo, a peer-to-peer search Engine and Teoma or were the other five candidates of the test.

Google and Bing were tested with around 10 million websites, while the group as a whole was tested with 40 million websites. The results are startling – Google threw up just 272 malicious sites while Bing brought up approximately 1,285 websites! The group of seven threw up 5,000 malicious websites in total. Microsoft needs to work on its search algorithm to protect users from harmful websites that could collect personal information from visitors.

Search engines are constantly on the lookout for malicious sites that they need to be aware of before displaying results to a user. Bing and Google will be working towards reducing the number of such sites available in the result listing spurred on by the results of the independent lab research!


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