Best sites collaborating with best operating systems?

yah2Yahoo is struggling to remain relevant in a dynamic, changing tech space where competition is intense and innovation is the order of the day. Google and Microsoft are coming out with something new and creative every other day to keep abreast of the rapidly changing tech space and to hold consumer interest in their services and features. Yahoo is having a bit of a struggle and is seeking aid from Apple to keep afloat in the mobile world.

Yahoo already has a well-rooted, solid collaboration with Apple by providing most of the content for iOS like weather, stock news, sports and web search in Apple’s Safari browser. Siri, Apple’s proprietary voiced based digital assistant gets a large chunk of its data from Yahoo. The company is looking at how it can broaden its services and integrate deeper with Apple’s iOS devices. There has always been a genial atmosphere between Yahoo and Apple and the Cupertino Company has used a lot of data and services from Yahoo in its iOS devices. If Yahoo does achieve better integration with Apple, this could mean new and improved Siri as well better browsing experience for iOS users.

Yahoo and Google are long time rivals, and with the launch of Android, Apple and Google are arch rivals competing in the market for better services, features, user interface and apps on their respective operating systems. A common enemy of sorts for both Yahoo and Apple, the two companies are joining forces to take on Search Engine and Android creator, Google.

The reinforced partnership should result in interesting new features on the latest iPhones in the pipeline including better stock, weather, sport, web and Siri services in addition to new offering stemming from the collaboration between Yahoo and Apple.

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