Baidu To Make Smart Glasses

Google Glasses is about to get a competition as Chinese search engine giant Baidu has announced that they too are working on their own smart glass technology. According to China Daily it’s going to be a wearable Internet gadget that is going to be worn like eyeglasses.

The device is called Baidu Eye which will be controlled by voice and will feature LED technology that will be able to recognize images. Bone-conduction technology is also used to recognize the spoken words of the user. The device is rumored to be working right now however the battery and design is still a work in progress.

According to reports, Baidu Eye will be able to recognize buildings, books, and human faces. It also recognizes the gestures of the user so that some of its features can easily be launched such as the camera or photo sharing.

A leaked image of the device taken at the company office shows a person wearing what appears to be a smart glass however Baidu did not confirm this to be real. Based on the photo we are seeing what appears to be a pre-production device and looks like a regular eyeglass with the technology being clamped on.

Kaiser Kuo, a spokesperson for Baidu, said that “We experiment with every kind of technology that is related to search.” He further added that “What you are doing with your camera, for example, taking a picture of a celebrity and then checking on our database to see if we have a facial image match, you could do the same thing with a wearable visual device.”

The company is still considering if they will make the Baidu Eye commercially available. If it does get released in the Chinese market it could pose a problem with the Chinese Internet police.

Baidu is China’s largest search engine company that controls over 70% of web search in China. It also provides various other related services and is ranked as the second largest Chinese Internet company behind Tencent.

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