Australian Police arrest LulzSec leader

LulzSec hacker community

The LulzSec hacker community caused a lot of havoc last year for gamers and some of the major consumer electronics brands by hacking into their servers and changing some of the important data and code. The team was not arrested till now, and according to a report on Kotaku AU, the Australian Federal Police claim to have caught the leader.

Even though the cops are very much confident that they have the right guy in their custody, it is very unclear if the person in custody is really the leader of the LulzSec hacker collective. The United States authorities “said the same thing in 2011 when they busted Hector Xavier Monsegur.” This man who has been caught might be just another innocent guy, and fallen prey to the federal cops due to the pressure on them from their higher authorities.

The man is said to be arrested from his work place yesterday. The man is believed to be an employee of an international tech company at a local branch in Sydney. The report says that he is “a well respected IT Professional working at the local branch of an international company”. Kotaku writes, “He’s been charged with “unauthorised modification of data to cause impairment”, and if found guilty could spend up to ten years in prison.”

The situation of the case will not become clear until there is some kind of ruling from the courts in Australia. But even then, the real leader of the LulzSec hacker community might just be laughing at the situation right now while some innocent person is being charged of the crime. We expect to get more info on this very soon. So stay tuned for more action.

Source: Kotaku

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