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AT&T Galaxy S4 to be priced at $199.99


Last month we had seen the launch of the much awaited Galaxy S4. The launch was well received and we think that the specifications of the device were pretty much near to our expectations. But the details’ regarding the availability of the device was not announced and we were left wondering about a launch date from the major carriers in the country.

samsung galaxy s4


It looks like the wait is over as finally we have seen a launch date from at&t. The carrier is all set to make the next flagship device from Samsung available, almost a month after its official announcement. A month’s wait is not too bad considering the fact that the demand for the device is much more than most other smartphones released in the market.

The initial plan detail released by at&t showed that the Galaxy SIV would be available for $249.99 from April 16. Now, this was some disappointing news for customers who intended to purchase the device for $199 –  a standard rate at which most of the smartphones are sold these days. Having to shell out $50 extra for their favorite device would obviously not have deterred them from buying the device but seeing that there are a lot of similar alternatives in the market like the HTC One, we can never be too sure.

And it looks like at&t did their homework as an update in the plans reveal that the 16GB model will be available for customers at the standard $199.99 while the $249.99 price tag was for the 32GB model. So anyone who wishes to grab onto the 16GB model can head over to the nearest at&t store after April 16 to preorder the device. After you shell out the initial $199.99, you will have to pay the rest of the amount over the course of two years to the carrier.

US Cellular also announced that they will be accepting preorders for the device on the same day as at&t i.e. April 16, however the carrier did not mention any pricing details of the device. We expect them to reveal the prices in a few days as we near the preorder date.

T Mobile has come up with an interesting price tag to lure in customers. They are offering the device for only $99.99 downpayment, the rest being paid over the two year contract period. But we wonder whether you will be paying higher amount for the device on T Mobile as compared to at&t so we advice you to check the two year contract details of both the carriers before you jump out to buy it from T Mobile.

As we near the market availability of the device, we expect to see more carriers like Verizon to release their pricing details of the device.

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