AT&T & Boingo Teams Up For Broader Wi-Fi Coverage

at2From April 10, 2013 all the AT&T mobile customers and Boingo’s global wireless network users have entered into an expanded Wi-Fi coverage thanks to the timely partnership of the two companies that will now allow a free entry into Boingo’s international hotspots for ever AT&T subscribers while allowing Boingo users to access US hotspots for free.

Commenting over the partnership JR Wilson, vice president, Partnerships and Alliances of AT&T Mobility stated, “We’re committed to keeping our customers connected to the people, places and information that matter most, which is why we’re pleased that many of them can now seamlessly connect to Boingo’s global Wi-Fi during their travels abroad.”

This news of expanded Wi-Fi band is surely a great relief for those who are constantly busy travelling abroad. Because though the global data plans in US is expensive in most carriers, but customers who are aware that their primary mobile data needs can be served by Wi-Fi-only plans and that too without any restrictions than the Wi-Fi connectivity sounds more reasonable.

For an example, Boingo offers a $35-per-month plan covering two devices with unlimited access to 200,000 hotspots throughout Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. But as per the current partnership deal, from the launching day all AT&T mobile customers who have the 300 MB or 800 MB international data plans had received the free 1GB access into Boingo’s global wireless network covering airports and important public venues across Europe, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Japan and New Zealand.

No doubt that Howard Buzick, the vice president of business development for Boingo had commented that “With the explosion in both Wi-Fi enabled devices and customer data demand, Wi-Fi roaming continues to be a key facilitator for global data access.”

The mutual partnership certainly is a winner looking into the fact that all the subscribers of both AT&T and Boingo are surely to be benefitted by uniting each other’s hotspot strengths.

FROM: Red Orbit

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