ARM Teams Up With TSMC To Create First 16nm Cortex-A57 Processor

ARM and TSMC have jointly announced that they are ready to mass produce the latest Core-A57 processor. This is ARM’s highest performing processor which is designed for use in future mobile devices. This processor uses a 16nm technology and will soon be used in high-end computer, tablet, and server products.

Tom Cronk, executive vice president and general manager, Processor Division, ARM said that “This first ARM Cortex-A57 processor implementation paves the way for our mutual customers to leverage the performance and power efficiency of 16nm FinFET technology. The joint effort of ARM, TSMC, and TSMC’s OIP design ecosystem partners demonstrates the strong commitment to provide industry-leading technology for customer designs to benefit from our latest 64-bit ARMv8 architecture, big.LITTLE processing and ARM POP IP across a wide variety of market segments.”

Some of the features of the Cortex-A57 processor include

  • Can deliver all the compute capability a typical consumer needs, from replacing your gaming console to your laptop in innovative portable form factors
  • Efficiently runs legacy ARM 32-bit applications
  • Features cache coherent interoperability with ARM Mali family graphics processing units (GPUs) for GPU compute applications
  • Offers optional reliability and scalability features for high-performance enterprise applications
  • Connects seamlessly to ARM interconnect IP with up to 16 core configurations with more in the future

One feature that will surely impress the end user is that the processor offers up to three times the performance of the current Cortex-A15 processor while consuming the same amount of power. It will also offer up to 5x the amount of battery life when running at the same speed as current ARM processors.

While the processor is already ready to be mass produced there is still no announcement as to when it is going to arrive on mobile devices or which upcoming devices are going to use it.

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