ARM sees 44 percent profit increase in Q1 2013 and ships 2.6 billion chips

ARM Processor


ARM the world leader in microprocessor intellectual property has just had brilliant fiscal quarter, again. This time the company has seen pre-tax profits shoot up by 44 percent, while revenues rise by 26 percent to an astonishing $209.4 million (£170.3m) since this time last year. The company owes this large chunk of change to the continued use of low power consumption design in the mobile sector, the adoption of this design has been brilliant news for ARM, their microprocessors can be found in smartphones, mobile computing, digital TV’s and even wearable tech.

The technology in the company’s ARMv8, Mali and big.LITTLE ranges is so advanced that they command a large royalty per chip, the companies profit increase reflects how well those microprocessors are doing in the mobile sector. The total amount of ARM-based chips that have found their way into your gadgets this quarter is a stagering 2.6 billion, an increase of 35 percent year-on- year, even embedded hardware is up by 50 percent since the first fiscal of 2012.

ARM has seen even better performance from its Mali graphics processor shipments, which are up five times since the same time last fiscal year. CEO of ARM Warren East says ” Even low cost smart devices can contain multiple ARM-based chips and be based on ARM’s advanced Cortex-A series technology and Mali graphics processors.”  ARM’s main competitor is fellow semiconductor makers Intel, these figure will surely worry intel if not make the friendly competition more interesting and result in better products for the consumer.

The embedded processing business grew 25 percent last year and ARM got more than half of its sales from other than mobile phones such as tablets for the first time in the third quarter last year. Prediction of global shipments of personal computers, tablets and mobile phones will increase by 9 percent to 2.4 billion units in 2013. Analysts say that wireless devices will account for the growth as some consumers change from primarily using a PC to using a lower-priced tablet and mobile phone.

Source – Engadget

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