Apple’s iTV and the ‘bling’ accessories!

itv2There is a lot of hype around Apple’s HDTV, the iTV! Been on the cards for a while now, speculation is rife about what technology Apple is going to come up with to dazzle the world. Reports of an iRing along with the iTV are also flying around.

There is no confirmation from Apple about when the iTV is to be launched, whether it includes an iRing and other neat features it is going to pack. No Insider seems to want to spoil the party, leaving tech buffs, critics and the general populace starved for news. No one has been able to hazard a guess at what the product’s clinching feature is going to be despite a string of theories being circulated about.

Latest speculations however move away from the technical aspects of the iTV and are focusing instead on the aesthetic front. According to rumor, the TV will come with a lot of bling and some pretty fancy accessories to give Apple a bigger, sharper edge over competitors.

Apple accessories are as cool as the gadgets themselves with a lot of thought, design and effort going into creating impressive accessories to compliment the actual product. Designs are always classy, stylish and offer users an elegant, premium look. As with other Apple products, the iTV accessories will offer users the same quality, design and craftsmanship.

With the iTV, Apple makes its foray into the world of television previously unexplored by the Cupertino Company. The bling will add a bang to the TV, making it that much more desirable with killer looks!


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