Apple’s bad customer service in China

chin2It seems like as the U.S and China flexes their muscles to show their individual’s strength, similarly Apple representing the U.S and the Chinese have taken a step back to stage their own showdowns. In a recent movement while China has become the second largest market place for Apple phones, on the other hand Apple has got into hot soup for some bad customer service in the same country. Following a series of Apple bashing news spreading across the Chinese media, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple recently took steps to finally apologize to the Chinese Customers on the ground of ‘lack of communication’.

The problem rose from a airing of a program on state-run CCTV showing how the Chinese customers are cheated by returning the original rear cover of their iPhones back to the customers in case of post-sale fixing where else in case of a western customer everything else would have been replaced. Moreover the reason that the show infuriated many was as because the program was aired on March 15, 2013 which is marked as the ‘Consumer Rights Day’ in China. If that was not enough, the Chinese media also had enough evidence to run a broadcast showing how some Chinese journalists were shunned from the Apple offices in the country. Besides a state run newspaper called the ‘China Daily’ had run paper war on Apple to smudge ‘Apple’s Incomparable Arrogance’.

However things have cooled down a bit after Tim Cook apologized for the sub-standard image of Apple and vowed to work more on the warranty policy as well as other favors for the Chinese customers.

SOURCE: Tech News World

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