Apple sued by NPE with others over expiring data plus voice patent

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A few companies in the technology word have been sued just yesterday by the patent troll company, Wyncomm. The company is claiming that Apple, one in the list of the companies, is infringing a patent that AT&T developed, which is now with Wyncomm. The patent deals with having data and voice transmission at the same time. Patent number 5,506,866 covers “Side-channel communications in simultaneous voice and data transmission,” and was filed by AT&T in 1993, with a granting of the patent in 1996.

The filing was made by Wyncomm yesterday and accused Apple, Acer, Asustek, Blu Productsm, Bonac Innovation, and Casio of all infringing the patent. Wyncomm claims that the companies are all infringing “by making, using, selling, importing and/or providing and causing to be used products that transmit information utilizing Wi-Fi, including information representative of analog data such as voice or sound including control data.” Electronista writes:

The ‘866 patent doesn’t specifically address wireless data communication, and terminology and data rates specified by the patent are a product of the time of filing, with one part of the patent discussing switching modes when the data rate exceeds 4800 bits per second. The patent implementation section is not vague, and does cover a method to simultaneously move data and voice communications, but does not resemble modern IP networking or how AT&T currently carries voice and data streams simultaneously with an iPhone.

The company is not working to get an injunction on the product. But the company is trying to get the compensation for all the infringements that has happened till now, and for all possible infringements that can take place in the future. The patent expires in the month of November this year. We have to see how this patent infringement case goes ahead.

Source: Electronista

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