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Apple said to sell 75 million low-cost iPhones in 2014

iphoneApple has always remained a major player and trend setter in the smartphone industry. Despite of immense competition, the company has been able to maintain and even increase its market share since the last few years. Almost every year, the company comes up with something new and innovative. Whether it is a new iPhone, a newer version of the iPad or of the iPod, Apple somehow manages to attract the attention of its potential customers. It is believed that Apple has a plan for the long run which will enable it to increase its market share even more.

We all know that the products of Apple are meant for a certain class of people, in the sense that not everyone can afford to buy an iPhone 5 or an iPad 4. Well, it seems like Apple understands this and hence has directed itself towards catering to the demands of relatively low income smartphone users. It is believed or rather rumored that Apple will manufacture a low cost iPhone sometime in the year 2014. Although the exact date is not known but it is believed it would be released in the fall of the year. This is not the first time we are hearing rumors about the low cost iPhone. Recently rear shell of the rumored low cost iPhone was leaked which was made from plastic.

This low cost iPhone will be one of the biggest sellers in the mobile market especially in China as the Chinese market is full of low cost but decently spec’d smartphones. Apple is already playing it safe in the smartphone market. For example if we take a look at the last quarter sales of 2012, iPhone 5 has remained amongst the top sellers. So obviously, with low cost phones, the company should expect to sell in even larger amounts.

The figure that Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster put forward is about 75 million, which is a huge number. This implies that on an average, Apple will sell about 19 million low cost iPhones in each quarter. Although this might compromise the sales of iPhone 5. But of course, when it is planned by the company itself, there must be something in it.


Source: Cnet

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