Apple returned 8 million iPhones to Foxconn


We know that the Cupertino tech giant is very strict when it comes to the quality of products it sells, may it be an inexpensive iPod Shuffle, or an expensive MacBook or an iMac. And it is very well known that the company has one of the most rigid and rigorous quality testing in the whole industry. This means that the manufacturers and the suppliers that the company is working with will have to maintain really good standard of quality for the Cupertino tech giant to accept their products.

And Foxconn seems to have disappointed the company recently, as a report on China Business says that the Cupertino tech giant sent back up to 8 million iPhone units to the company due to quality issues. The news is not clear yet as the only source available is in Chinese and the online translations are never accurate.

The source of the news for China Business in an employee of Foxconn, who has said that the Cupertino based iPhone maker has sent in at least 5 million iPhone units, which might have gone up to 8 million. The reason for the return is said to be “due to appearance of substandard or dysfunctional problems.”

There is no news about the model of the iPhones that were returned. If these were the new iPhone 5 units, then the company can be expected to show a delay in the near future in the shipping of the units. And if they are the iPhone 4S, the issue may go just unnoticed. And if it is the new and yet unreleased next gen iPhone, we can expect a delay in the announcement or the release of the next gen iPhone.

This unfortunate incident is said to cost Foxconn a good $1.6 billion even if the manufacturing cost of each iPhone returned is assumed to be $200 USD.

Source: The Register UK

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