Apple reportedly not using Samsung’s services for its next A7 chip

Apple A6 on iPhone board

Apple has reportedly cut out Samsung from the next generation processor that the Cupertino tech giant has designed, which is the Apple A7 chip, planned for the next generation of iPhones and iPads. Right now, the latest generation of the iPhones are using the Apple A6 chip, and the latest generation of the iPads are using the Apple A6X processors. Both these chips are being manufactured by the South Korean tech giant, Samsung.

But according to a new report on South Korean newspaper, The Korea Times, Apple will not be working with Samsung on its next processor. Apple “has excluded its Korean rival from a project to develop A7…processors,” wrote The Korea Times.

‘”Apple is sharing confidential data for its next A7 system-on-chip (SoC) with the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). TSMC has begun ordering its contractors to supply equipment to produce Apple’s next processors,” the Korean Times said with reference to one of Samsung’s partners. Last month, sources told CNET that “Apple is designing products now based on the TSMC 20-nanometer spec. Production should happen in 2014.”

The Cupertino based tech giant, Apple, and the South Korea based tech giant, Samsung, have been working with each other in the chip manufacturing business for some time now. But the recent events between the two companies have led to this new arrangement where Samsung will not be manufacturing chips for Apple.

Nathan Brookwood of Insight 64 told CNET last month that he believes there is incentive for Apple to transition away from Samsung.

“The Samsung semiconductor guys are privy to the product plans of customers (like Apple). And if Samsung Semiconductor knows, there’s a possibility that Samsung Electronics is going to find out too.”

Well, that is one way of looking at it. What do you think? Can there be an Apple-Intel relationship on this, as some of the others rumors say? Or is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company taking the deal home?

Source: CNET

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