Apple, pressured for the heavy criticism because of ‘no innovation’ on their last models

Here’s a sumptuous feast for all your tech lovers out there! The latest offering from Apple, the iPhone 5S is rumored to pack a knockout 12 Megapixel camera! This is a whooping 4 megapixel bonus from the iPhone 5 and 4S Series!

ip2Apple is under tremendous pressure to come up with a hot new product given that some heavy criticism has come its way for no innovation in the last few models. There have only been minor improvements in the look and feel of the display and the exterior of the handset without significant changes in each successive generation. Looks like Apple is working on its hardware to capture the market with the iPhone 5S. A 12Megapixel camera will have consumers super excited for the phone and will probably lineup outside Apple stores an entire day in advance!

Other exciting features are a faster processor, a fingerprint security scanner, wireless charging capabilities and a rainbow of handset colors. Enough to set tech buffs drooling! With rivals HTC and Sony coming out with brilliant devices, current rulers of the smartphone market, Apple and Samsung need to step up their game if they are to defend their position. HTC’s One and Sony’s Xperia Z are both incredible phones offering users fantastic display, fast processing speeds and a range of great features. Apple is still ahead in the technology sector with brilliant features like Siri and Winston but its peers are catching up!

There is enormous buzz and excitement around the phone and users worldwide are waiting to get their hands on Apple’s next – the iPhone 5S!


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