Apple plans to release iOS 7 this summer

ios2Some great news from Apple! They are planning to launch a new version of iOS this summer. The current iPhone will go into production during this quarter. Some fans of the brand familiar with the device’s production’ say that the second quarter production kick off may signal a summer launch for the new iOS. If this prediction is true, it would deviate slightly from Apple’s usual habit of releasing its production in the autumn. Apple is also planning to announce the new version of the iPhone – the iPhone 5S – at an event in June and to put it on sale in July.

The good news does not stop here. Apple is also rumored to be working on a new, less expensive version of the iPhone, which retains the 4 inch retina display of the iPhone 5, but which also is housed in a different casing and effects. This new less expensive iPhone would be aimed at consumers in developing countries like China and India. Reports suggest that the device will probably be released in August of this year and will be called the iPhone 6.

Furthermore Apple’s working on plastic cases for its next iPhone, mixing plastic and metal in such a way that the internal parts are able to be seen from outside through special design.

It’s little bit unclear whether this cases would be for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, or if Apple is simply considering making cheaper iPhone 4s to sell when the iPhone 3GS reaches the end of its life. Without any sense of doubt the new models will be with unique abilities and vision.

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