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Apple Patents Retail Packaging System

Apple's patent application for new packaging

If you have the right patents with you at the right time, you can fight in the courts very much legally and get rich very easily, provided that one of the technology companies actually infringes your patents. But this seems to be happening very frequently, as there is always one or the other patent infringement case that we hear about. And when it comes to making money out of patents, the Cupertino based tech giant, Apple, is very active. The company has a lots of patents in its arsenal, and it uses them very brilliantly.

Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has published a new patent application from Apple on the internet, which deals with a very unique idea, which if implemented, will be just awesome for users, and for the company as well.

According to the application published, Apple will be packaging its iDevices in a very unique package which will let the Apple Store employees to connect the iDevices to the computers without even having to open the package. As you can see from the image above, there will be a port open in the package to let the connectors reach the devices inside the packages.

This way users will be able to get a very customized iDevice out of the box. You can select the iDevice of your choice from the store and take it to the counter, where the Store employees will connect it to their computers and customize the device with iTunes just the way you want. This would be just great for gifting the devices to others. You can get all the content the person who is getting the gift likes on the device and when the person opens the package and switches on the device, all of his or her favourite content will already be present on the device.

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