Apple passes 45 billion downloads on iOS apps store

Apple Apps Store

With Apple being so quiet when it comes to releases, ideas and progress, the quarterly report is a good way to find out what is happening inside Cupertino.

Tim Cook discussed Apple’s stock price and how he will help this, new innovations coming to Apple in 2014 and the coming years for Apple.

Apps Store Boom

The company announced the iOS Apps Store has passed 45 billion total app downloads. Looking at the numbers, that is 700 million downloads per day and 800 every second.

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer announced the amount of money paid to developers on iOS, the company pays out $1B per quarter to developers and has paid a total of $9 billion since the Apps Store started.

With $1 billion being paid per quarter now, we can see the huge interest in the Apps Store growing year by year. More apps are being added and more users are getting their first iPhone.

Apple also revealed there is now 850,000 apps on the Apps Store and 350,000 are built with the iPad in mind. The Apps Store currently reaches 155 countries, around 90% of the worlds population can download apps from an iOS device.

This is a huge achievement in just a touch over five years and shows Apple can work together with other companies and developers to give really impressive results.

Tumbling Stock Worries

The stock price for Apple has boomed up a little since this quarterly report, hopefully some in Wall Street actually came to their senses and noticed Apple is still a huge player in the technology world.

However, Tim Cook did announce new technology innovations will be held back for this year, with 2014 the year of the iWatch, iTV and other impressive movements by Apple, this brought the stock price level again.

Overall, if Apple ever fails to make brilliant devices, they can always just loan out their store to manufacturers and reep in the profits.

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