Apple Macbook Pro 13 is the Best Windows Notebook Revealed Soluto

Based on the results of Soluto's studies, the Apple MacBook Pro 13 scored the best to run Windows among the evaluated laptops.
Based on the results of Soluto’s studies, the Apple MacBook Pro 13 scored the best to run the Windows OS among the evaluated laptops.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 was recently branded as the best notebook that could run the Windows operating system. As absurd as it sounds, the Apple laptop actually outperformed others in terms of operating Windows. Soluto, a PC management service company arrived with the result after evaluating around 150,000 laptops.

The Assessment Method

Soluto, the firm that spearheaded the search for the best laptop that could run Windows, possesses frustration data from millions of machines. Among their data, they chose approximately 150,000 laptops and studied them during the first quarter of the calendar year of 2013 to identify which could ideally run the OS from Microsoft.

The factors that they considered in their evaluation were the frequency of quickness in booting, application crashes, hangs, occurrence of the “blue screen of death” and number of background processes. A certain point or points were given to each factor, which were as follows:

  • A score of 1 was given to one crash per week, hangs per week gained 1 point.
  • One hang or unresponsive activity per week got a 1 point.
  • The occurrence of “blue screen of death” per week is multiplied by 10 points.
  • The booting time was lessened by 167 and divided by 60 to arrive at a point. Here, 167s is the average boot time determined by the researchers.
  • The number of processes running in the background are reduced by 78 and subsequently divided by 25 to determine the point. The constant 78 represents the average background processes. For the ones operating with only less than 25 processes, a point was given which is then deducted to the number of recorded crashes.

After that, the company streamlined their list by removing computers that were no longer in the market and with low number of users. Thus, they shortlisted 37,000 laptops from approximately 49 models from brands like Asus, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Apple and Toshiba. It can be noticed that no Microsoft computer was included in the list.


As mentioned, the Apple MacBook Pro 13 got the best results with an overall score of only 1.05. It gained 0.88 for the crashes, 1.06 for the hangs, 0.01 for the “blue screen of death”, 151 seconds for the booting time and it only had 60 for the background processes. The only drawback of the best Windows notebook is that it came with a $1,199 price tag based on prevailing market prices.

The laptops that followed the Apple Macbook Pro 13 were Acer Aspire E1-571 in second place and Dell XPS 13 in the third position. Notably, the laptop from Acer was only 0.07 behind the MacBook with a price of only $429, which makes it a great alternative for the best Windows laptop out there. It was too bad that they did not take the price into consideration because it is also the cheapest in the top ten list by far.

According to the China-based website called, Soluto did not include the Microsoft Surface Pro and the Windows 8 touch-screen laptop in the survey. But if they did, would they make it on the list?

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