Apple iRadio will have Universal Music and Warner

Apple iRadio mock up

We know that streaming music services are gaining a lot of popularity these days with major tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon all trying to come with similar services. We know that Google has deals with a few record labels, and today is the Cupertino tech giant’s turn to say that, proudly enough. The reports say that Apple is very close to finishing a deal with Universal Music for its new online music streaming service, which will be called the iRadio till the Cupertino tech company officially announces a name for the service. Also, it is being said that the company is very close to finishing a deal with Warner Music as well.

The reports say that the company is so close on the deal with Universal Music that the two companies may shake hands on this as soon as next week. And the deal with Warner Music is said to follow very closely. After these two record labels agree to sign up for the new service, Apple will be left with only Sony Entertainment out of the mix. If the Cupertino tech giant succeeds in getting Sony Entertainment also in the mix, then the service will have all the major record labels in the service.

Google, on the other hand, is said to have already made a deal with Warner Music. And even though it has not yet made a deal with Universal Music, it is said that the company is “excited” about the possibility. The competition in this space is going to be fierce, with Amazon also coming into the game with its own online radio service.

Anyway, these services are going to be something like Pandora, which will ultimate take users to the respective online stores to buy new music. And these services will not be like Spotify, which lets users create playlists and stuffs like that. But, we will still have to wait for the official details.

Source: Phone Arena

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