Apple celebrates a decade of iTunes

iTunes Store


The iTunes Store is almost ten years old and on April 28 the company will celebrate arguably one of the best innovations Apple brought about.

Back in a time when bootleg and copied CDs and MP3 songs were all the range, Apple stepped in with a collaborative solution to all the problems in the music industry.

It wouldn’t fix everything and it would pull from both the consumers and from the music industry something they hold dear. From the music industry, it was price and albums; from the consumer, it was paying for music.

Impressively, the combined effort paid off and with iTunes the iPod became one of the biggest revolutions in the music industry. Hundreds of millions were sold in the years that followed.

This decade long trip shows iTunes from the start and the progress Apple has taken in the music world, from the original iPod to the iPhone to the present day iTunes store.

From what we know, Apple will not be celebrating this with any free audio or video. Unlike Google, who regularly do this for apps and services, Apple has never seemed to be bothered.

Apple has shared a list of artists, songs and albums popular at that time. Ten years ago, the top-selling song that day was U2’s “Stuck in a Moment,” and the top-selling album was Beck’s “Sea Change.”

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