Apple announces ambitious plans to “invent” the hybrid laptop

We all know Apple has to have a finger in every pie. And the company usually ends up gobbling a large slice of the metaphorical pie leaving other companies to fight over crumbs from the table. According to rumors, Apple’s latest quest for numero uno is in the hybrid-laptop field. After a very successful foray into digital streaming video services, Apple is turning its attention hybrid building. This move comes as a huge threat to Samsung and Lenovo, current rulers of the hybrid market with Microsoft a close second. Consumers can now look forward to patent battles between Apple and Samsung in the hybrid space.

lap2According to sources, Apple has recently filed a patent application that describes a hybrid system that can be charged wirelessly. This could change the face of the hybrid market ushering a new era of laptop-tablet devices with more powerful capabilities than those in existence today.

Battles in the tech space continue with every company experimenting with a range of technology. Microsoft, a core software company has ventured into tablets and hybrids with a finger in the smartwatch pie according to recent rumors. Google has a large spread of smartphones, tablets, Google Glass and the rumored smartwatch. Apple is now making its way to the hybrid market.

Current hybrid manufacturers are on tenterhooks since the announcement by Apple that the company plans to “invent” the hybrid, possibly rendering the current range of devices redundant. Apple fans worldwide are excited about the announcement since this represents another milestone in Apple’s illustrious career – A hybrid like no other.


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