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Appeak Poker

The news of a new social media online poker app hitting the market usually doesn’t hit the radar of most app reviewers.  However, when it was announced that the new Appeak Poker app was developed by PokerListings, some decided to take a look as the PokerListings is a premier poker news and information source online.

For those that are expecting another Zynga Poker clone, you will be happy to know that this has more to offer in the way of game play than Zynga Poker.  First, it has at least four different levels of stakes for poker players as opposed to the maximum of three that you get with most apps.  While that doesn’t sound like a big deal, it does give players many more games to choose from.  You also get to play in single-table and multi-table online poker tournaments against players from around the world.

Another plus for this app is that it is very quick.  The developers spent less effort in making this look flashy and more time on the actual mechanics of game play to allow you the fastest app possible for online poker.’

Next, those of you that are total newbies to the game Texas Hold’em can learn a lot from the poker content on the Appeak Poker website.  Pokerlistings put together a team of industry experts to teach you how to play the game properly.

With the positives of this game, there are a few negatives that should be mentioned.  Earlier we mentioned that the app was maximized for speed.  While that is indeed the case, that speed was achieved by sacrificing many of the elements that some players like about social media sites, such as flashy avatars and cool graphics.  This app is very simplistic and really for those that just care about playing poker.

Next, you only have one form of poker to choose from in Texas Hold’em poker.  While most of you will not care about that, some of you will tire quickly from just playing Hold’em.  Many modern day players want more choice in their gaming, and you won’t get that here.

Finally, you start with so few chips that you are going to be stuck at the lower levels for a while unless you purchase chips so that you can play at the high stake tables.  Many will not have the patience to build up chips naturally so those not wanting to spend money on chips will likely be turned off by this.

For those looking for a simple app to learn the game of Texas Hold’em, Appeak Poker is a solid app to choose.  Those looking for something with more flash and style may want to examine another option.

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