App Market Records 13.4 billion Downloads In First Quarter 2013

Faster learningHere comes the new market! With more and more people divulging into the colorful world of various applications available through their cell phones that according to Canalysis, a market analyst firm, the world App market has netted an astounding $2.2 billion in total revenue. This leads us to the record found by the same firm that the total download in the first quarter of 2013 is 11% higher than the total downloads of the full year of 2012. So as people are getting more habituated to their smartphones, they are also becoming increasingly fascinated by the app options. And still the market grows.

The app data was mostly collected from the best know application stores that include Google Play, App Store, Windows Phone store and BlackBerry World with Apple’s App Store taking the lead of the market share by an astonishing 74%. Now though App Store stands first in terms of cash deposit, however Google Play goes ahead in terms of number of downloads as 51% of the total downloads has been sourced to Google Play.

Based on the analysis of the total scenario, Adam Daum, the chief analyst for analytics of Canalys says; “Apps have had a huge impact on the way consumers use mobile devices, what they value, and what they expect from smart phones and tablets. They are now central to how consumers engage with content and connected services, and how they personalize their devices around the app-enabled features that are important to them.”

But the interesting part is that while the companies are earning lot of the app market, the developers are rarely profiting. From a study based on November 2012 it has been seen that only a handful of 25 developers like Zynga, Rovio, and Disney combined has raked in around $60 million from various paid downloads and in-app purchases in the US while the rest of the developers has taken the rest of the $60 million stake.


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