AOL Is Shutting Down AOL Music And Firing Staff Who Are Live-Tweeting The Process

AOL Music is shut down

AOL is shutting down its AOL music properties and is firing their employees, according to the tweets from the official AOL Music site Spinner’s account and the staff live tweeting the firing process.

The poor performance of AOL Music due to competition from independent bloggers, reports indicate that Winamp, SHOUTcast, and flagship music blog Spinner may survive the closure of AOL Music.

AOL Music is the key operating component to multiple music news websites for a variety of music genres, SHOUTcast – Internet radio site – and Winamp as well as Spinner where acquired by AOL in the $400 million acquisition of Nullsoft in 2009.

Live-tweeting the closure of AOL Music

The official Spinner twitter account tweeted: “@Spinner All of AOL Music is shutting down. Thank you all for your support. We had such a blast.” It is evident that since then the tweet has been deleted from the account, later Spinner editor Dan Reilly tweeted “Well, we all just got laid off. AOL Music is finished.”

Reilly then started to live tweeted the demise of the site:

“Sitting in an HR meeting right now, trying to negotiate keeping our computers for a few more days”

“Well, as least I found a good reason to finish off the whiskey at my desk.”

The hip-hop editor of Spinner tweeted ” Just lost my job. Actually I’m in the room losing it right this second, while tweeting. So yeah, hit me with any opportunities.”

New Opportunities 

Other music sites such as ‘The Onion’s AV Club’ are reaching out to the fired employees with job offers or freelance work, the newly unemployed AOL staff seem to be very receptive to the offers.

Along with AOL Music the sites that it runs will presumably be heading for the chopping block, these sites include; The Boot – county music, Noisecreep – metal, Boombox – hiphop and finally Tour Tracker a site that sells concert tickets.

When AOL Music and Spinners first entered the scene over ten years ago they were some of the only option for people to read about breaking music news, now the internet has changed and evolved. There are many sites that have emulated what AOL was doing and are doing it better, this just illustrates that innovation is key and you can’t just become complacent with your place in the market.

Source – TechCrunch

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