AOL employees reveal AOL Music closing

AOL Music

AOL, once the dominante technology company, is now scrapping projects and is still not doing well with revenue. Company employees announced on Friday that AOL Music would be shutting down.

AOL has a few music news websites under its umbrella – Spinner is one of them, and they announced on Twitter this statement “Hey guys. Just found out from AOL that we’re shutting down. Today is our last day. Seriously.” before deleting it.

Dan Reilly, Editor for AOL Music’s team Spinner, continued to talk about the closure of the departments and was quite aggressive in his language, citing AOL as the source of the closure and not the editors or writers.

AOL Radio program director Thomas Chau also talked about how sad it was to see the AOL Music teams go, but has announced AOL Radio will stay active in spite of these recent closures.

AOL has officially stated the music service will be going offline and has made no comments on if they will be bringing some new streamlined service in a few years time.

For now, this means yet another job loss for people working at AOL, and like Yahoo, the company needs to see vast restructure before it can really have any dominance in the technology world.

AOL is a shadow of the former company it once was, remember back in the day when it bought Time Warner for a resounding $150 billion? Yeah, now it cannot hold together a few news organisations.

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