Angry Gran 2 Global Assault Review: Nice or Not?

angry gran 2

It’s difficult to pinpoint what is exactly wrong with Angry Gran 2; or maybe the fact that I cannot find anything nice about it might be the problem.

This is an arcade and action game, although the word “action” was very loosely used to refer to the main character’s whacking of unsuspecting people and even zombies. The purpose, of course, is to get to the next level. To do that, the grandmother (main character) should hit the people with whatever it is she’s carrying—a fish stick, a cat stick, flapper, Christmas tree and others.

Along the way, she will also be collecting coins, which she can use to pay the guards at the checkpoint. Without the coins, the main character won’t be able to upgrade her weapon and progress to the next level. The coins she collected can also be used to get new sticks, new specifications and new costumes for Gran.

Playing with this game, however, is quite uneventful. It also suffers from a lot of technical drawbacks like lagging, hanging and crashing. There are also times when your screen will turn back and you can only hear the loopy background noise of the game.

And if you are looking for a competitive game, this one’s not for you. The game has no skills involved and doesn’t keep tabs on who’s winning. There are no leader boards or high score or challenges, which makes it really just something your children can play.

Developed by Ace Viral, the Angry Gran 2 is a unique concept although there are still considerations when letting kids play with this. The game is relatively simple and does not require sophisticated knowledge in technology to be able to operate it.

Learning Lessons

Call me conservative, but I don’t want my kid to start whacking people on the head just because that’s what she saw on this Android game. The Angry Gran 2 has no specific goal like saving a princess for Mario Brother or saving the universe and the Earth like several arcade games out there.

Instead, the protagonist in this video game walks around different places and tries to run after people, so she can hit them on the head. If you cannot find what was wrong with that, then you should also question the kind of values you want this society to have.

As much as I want to be open-minded about video games and apps like this, I cannot help but feel sorry for the people who downloaded this game, played and enjoyed it. Sure, it was entertaining, but the values being taught by this game are questionable at best.

I’d like to think that when the time comes my kid can access virtually everything on the Internet, developers are going to be more responsible in creating games. Although Angry Gran 2 is an entertaining and interesting game, the mechanics of this game do not sit well with me. Sure, the game’s main character doesn’t kill people or get chased by police squad cars; but, this game also promotes something I’d like my child to stay away from.

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