Android devices will soon feature a Game Portal from Verizon

Carrier for Android phones, Verizon has announced the launch if its very own Games Portal that will feature a marketplace and a social genre of games separate from Google’s Android marketplace – PlayNow. All Verizon’s Android phones and tablets will be loaded with its new Games Portal, much like Apple’s Game Center. The portal will be a standalone market for games.

The platform encourages customers to take advantage of features like direct carrier billing, an option Verizon feels will result in game based purchases, unlike the present day scenario where games are not in demand. The Portal will also offer distribution to customers of Verizon worldwide, number over a million. In addition to these advantages, Verizon is ideally placed to step into the role of an Android Game Center to rival that of Apple. The Game Portal is powered by PlayPhone, a company that is experienced in building game networks. All Verizon android devices will hereafter, come preloaded with the Game Portal.

ver2In addition to the Games Portal, Verizon is also aiming to build and maintain a social network on the portal similar to Apple.  This is an interesting new move by the carrier to support and attract users with gaming and social networking, two of the most addictive online pass times.

There is no news yet from Verizon about the kind of games that will be featured in the portal and how much they will cost. There is no update on the social networking aspect as well. New android phones with Verizon will soon have an integrated, in-house Game Portal app.


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