Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Trolls out loud!

key2It seems like Google is going to run out of time as it has shown no interest in slowing a bit and take a look at what it has done. Since 2011, Google has came up with Android 4.0 which was powered in the Flagship Galaxy Nexus and later on it brought in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which has been integrated to the units of Nexus 7.
But the question from the enthusiasts as they heard about the rumors about the successor OS is that what’s next? To answer the following, we must stand to ground till its officially declared by the makers. Oh please, who can stop themselves after hearing about this OS fiesta. So search was on and along came rumors with them tumbling down the road.

The first news that came about the Android 5.0 is its label which is supposed to be Key Lime Pie and the release date stood at 29 October 2012 which later on came to be a rumor. But the codename still stands and new updates of this OS has been leaked by Qualcomm documents. But these documents have no guarantee to be true at all.

According to those leaked documents and some SamMobile sources, Key Lime Pie would be available for Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3,Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 8.0 and of course the newly released Galaxy Note 10.1. The featured OS is to be added with 3.8 Kernal of Linux allowing to optimize the usage of RAM and creating a good phone which is able to do multi-tasking swiftly. Google is still to verify those configurations and relieve our stress.

SOURCE: Tech Radar

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