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Android 5.0-Powered Google X Phone Gets Benchmarked, Looks Dubious

Although we heard just a couple of days ago that the mythical X Phone and Nexus 5 were not slated for Google I/O debuts this May after all, a new report is emerging to debunk all that speculation. A mystery Google X device has apparently been benchmarked, looking ready to hit the market in the near future.

Before going any further, we have to underline there’s no possible way to verify the legitimacy of this AnTuTu result at this moment, so treat all you’re going to read below with extreme caution. Ready? Here goes… nothing.


The Google X spotted by a keen eye from Japanese blog RBMen is apparently running Android 5.0.1, the unreleased new version of the mobile OS that everyone thinks will be dubbed Key Lime Pie. No surprises there, even though there have been rumors going around of a possible Android 5.0 delay as well.

So far, so believable, but here’s where things get fishy. The mystery X packs an undetailed 1.5 GHz processor, but only manages to score 15,479 points in AnTuTu. That’s not only light years away from Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One’s results, but it’s barely worthy of a place in today’s mid-range smartphone niche.

And let’s assume for one moment the score is legit. That means Google decided to equip the X Phone with, what, a dual-core Snapdragon S4? A Snapdragon 400? An NVIDIA Tegra 3? No friggin way! I mean, come on, even last year’s Nexus 4 scores around 18,000 points in AnTuTu, so what would be the point in the releasing of a device with such underwhelming hardware?

Bottom line, there’s definitely something off here, but who knows, maybe the Google X Phone is legit and it has really been tested in AnTuTu, but the score has been photoshopped to throw us off the scent and assume the device is no big deal.

Remember, no one knows if the Motorola or Google X Phone is real, with basically every related story reported on in the last few months debunking a previous one. Some said the X is a 4.5-incher with a 720p panel, while others claimed the handheld will be a much more impressive 5-incher with a Full HD screen.

According to a number of sources, Google is planning to release the thing with customizable hardware, while others say you will only get your choice of color with the X. Other rumored features include anything and everything from Snapdragon 800 to Tegra 4 CPUs and from bezel-less body to monster 3,000 mAh battery.

Good thing Google’s I/O conference is just three weeks away, because I personally can’t take this rumor-fest much longer.

Via [RBMen]

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