The Ainol Novo 7 Crystal 2 Is a Quad-Core Jelly Bean Tablet Worth Less Than $100

Android tablet prices have dropped and dropped and dropped for the past couple of years, but I’m sure you never suspected you could get a quad-core Jelly Bean-based slate for less than 100 bucks. That’s just crazy, isn’t it?

And yet it’s true. Ainol, a manufacturer that has been on our radar in the past with such dirt-cheap tabs as the Novo 7 Crystal, Novo 10 Captain and Novo 7 Venus, has done it again! The spanking new Novo 7 Crystal 2 looks better than its predecessor, has cooler specs and is also cheaper, all while coming with free international shipping via LighTake.

Ainol Novo 7 Crystal 2

Sure, you should not expect a level of performance closer to, say, that of the Nexus 7, but for just $94.89 the Novo 7 Crystal 2 is an amazing bargain, no matter how you look at it.

But you know what the absolute craziest thing is about this 7-incher? It doesn’t even have the worst specs in the world, as you might thing. Yes, the LCD capacitive screen is sub-par, boasting a 1,024 x 600 pixels resolution.

And yes, the 1.5 GHz quad-core Cortex A9-based ATM7029 CPU is likely slower than several dual-core chips around. But the Novo 7 Crystal 2 comes with 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of on-board storage and microSD support.

There’s also a front-facing camera, albeit a very modest 0.3 MP one. And what can one not like about the on-board Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with full Google Play support? I’m telling you, Ainol could have priced this baby at $120 or $130 and it would still look like a tab with a decent quality-price ratio.

Granted, the thing is not exactly the thinnest or lightest, but it weighs in at 338 grams and measures 10.5 mm in width, which is almost identical to Nexus 7’s numbers.

Other features include Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Flash support and a decent 3,700 mAh battery, but sadly there’s no GPS or Bluetooth. Then again, Ainol did have to cut a few corners to keep the price so low, right?

Regardless of that, I said it once and I’ll say it again. The Ainol Novo 7 Crystal 2 is an amazing bargain, and, if you’re in the market for a portable tab that won’t make you break the piggy bank, you’d be fools to pass on it. Are you in or are you out?

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    There is a difference!

    Your headline states that the unit is WORTH less than $100, but your article indicates that it SELLS for less than $100 and you didn’t mention WORTH in the article in the same context as the headline.

    SO, which did you actually MEAN?

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