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Acer Iconia W3 8 inch Windows 8 tablet leaks

Acer Iconia W3 8 inch Windows 8 tablet

The scene for Windows 8 based tablets may soon change, now that we have a rumor which says small screen Windows devices are going to be available soon. According to a new report (or rumor) on a French tech blog, Acer is apparently working on an 8 inch Windows tablet, which will be available for sale soon. The tech blog had uploaded a lot of images of this new Acer Iconia W3 tablet, but the images have been removed due to a request from Acer, according to the web site.

Even today, the Microsoft Store is stuck with only 10 inch devices, which does not really appeal to all the potential customers. Not everyone wants to replace their laptops for casual use. Some of the customers would want to have a smaller device which you can hold in just one hand and which is light enough to not make your hands pain while holding the device.

The Redmond based tech giant has been talking about bringing small screen devices to the market this year, and this could be the first one of the many to come. There is no news about the specs of this new Acer Iconia tablet, apart from the fact that it is coming with an 8 inch screen, and also that this will not have the Windows RT version installed, but it will come with the full blown Windows 8 version pre installed on the tablet.

This means that you will not even have to compromise on the functionality of the device due to the small screen. And what about the price? Well, it is expected that the tablet may cost something less than $499, but again, we cannot be too sure of this. Official info about the device is expected pretty soon. Till then, let us just wait.

Source: CNET

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