A tie declared between iPhone 5 and Galaxy S IV displays

Samsun Galaxy S IV and Apple iPhone 5

The displays on modern smart phones play a major role in their sales. This is because the display is the part of the smart phone which the user will look at most of the time, and it needs to be good for the smart phone to be good. The Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S IV are the two hottest smart phones in the market today, and people end up comparing the two to make a purchase decision.

DisplayMate has stepped in to make the decision about the display a bit easier by officially comparing the two displays. According to the report from DisplayMate, the iPhone 5 is significantly brighter than the Galaxy S IV, and it is particularly true when the background of the display is white. Even though the color calibration of the iPhone 5 is better, the Galaxy S IV has a more accurate white.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy S IV has a bigger screen, higher resolution display, a much higher pixels per inch count than the iPhone 5. To make it more interesting and attractive, the Galaxy S IV features much darker blacks, as is the case with most Galaxy branded smart phones.

So for now, DisplayMate says that the two displays have a tie. What do you think? If you want more info, head over to DisplayMate’s website.

Source: Ubergizmo

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