A new revolution to be created by iOS 7

Coming to the fact of OS update, Apple has failed to keep up with Android as their last upgrade available was iOS 6 which came with iPhone 5 and iPad 4. Apple didnt even move an inch nor even showed interest in keeping up-to-date whereas their biggest rivals, Samsung has gone over with multiple new Android OS update. It is not likely for Apple to stand still and let Samsung clinch over the whole Smartphone market ; not possible as we have eventually braced much hostilities between them just to occupy the Smartphone arena.

ip2The question which is being circulated is why Apple is not doing anything regarding iOS. The rumors about iOS has mummed the doubters as its first-rated top-class features are just to hit on with a Bang!

As far the rumor goes, the iOS 7 will have something just out of this world which no smartphones have ever given out. The Apple’s new upgrade to compensate for staying unposted all these days single-handedly. The leaked information says that a feature is there which will show live notifications and is expected to outrun Android’s widget as it will be letting the users to have more enhanced home screen.

Another interesting feature is that it can be used to pay dues as it will be equipped with NFC and may require an updated edition of Passbook which is compatible with this feature. Connectivity boosting is also to be added. The iOS 7 to be released with a new flagship, so the bet is on iPhone 5S or iPad 5 and only time will tell.

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