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A new affordable iPhone may be released this summer

Rumors about a new iPhone are circulating, hinting of a possible release of a new smartphone this summer.  A Wall Street Journal report cited sources  familiar with the new phone’s production. The upcoming iPhone will have the same shape and size as the current iPhone 5, and will probably offer a much cheaper price ideal for release to emerging markets, said the report.

While there was no mention of features and new details in the Journal report, it can be assumed that this phone will follow Apple’s historical release strategy of upgrading a new unit with a better camera and more powerful processor.

The rumor, while not confirmed, is not shocking. Apple has traditionally released their popular smartphone brand during summer or since the company began selling them in 2007. The first three versions all came out during the summer months, the iPhone 4S in October of 2011, and the iPhone 5 in September of 2012.

There is an anticipated yearly Worldwide Developers Conference held every June in San Francisco which can possibly host the launching of the new device. There is still no mention of exact dates when this year’s WDC will happen.

The Wall Street Journal touched on an interesting piece of news though. It mentioned that the Cupertino tech giant is working on offering more affordable versions of iPhones that would come in different color shells.

For months, there have been talks for a cheaper iPhone. Apple has always prioritize quality over cheaper price but if it sees potential in the emerging markets like Asia and South America, it needs to offer a more competitive pricing of its popular iPhone. While its older and less expensive older models are still selling well, they are still more expensive than lower-end Android-based smartphones.

Apple is known for its secretive nature, but occasional news leaks like this one may help the company. Occasional rumors keep buyers updated about what products from Apple to expect, which can possibly influence them what to buy next.

iPhone 5 was released six months ago and the company’s fans may be growing restless for Apple’s lack of updates about coming up with a new major product. Apple may also be feeling the pressure from its competitor, Samsung, which has put up a good run for Apple’s money by introducing a credible line of phones with its Galaxy S series. Additionally, report of a new product would also boost Apple’s stocks that would encourage investors.

Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mawston said, “There isn’t really any major differentiator between the players at this phase. The panacea is to transform the industry with a revolutionary design.” He stressed that Apple has to tackle the competition in Samsung by producing products faster to appear quicker to move than the South Korean company, whose products are everywhere nowadays.

A less expensive iPhone can be an interesting selling point for Apple, which has repeatedly claim to put premium on quality over affordability. The company’s executives have continuously protected Apple’s image. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, commented in a conference in February that the company “wouldn’t do anything that we consider not a great product.”

source: wsj

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