A Facebook-connected beer mug

Budweiser Buddy Cup

Drinking is good, and better when it is beer. The most social of the social drinks ever. And Budweiser is trying it make it more social by associating Facebook to it, right at the glass level. I don’t think you understood that. Budweiser has come up with a technology in which it associates beer mugs with the Facebook profile of the person having beer in that particular mug. When you click your mug with a new person in the pub or wherever you are, if that person has also associated their Facebook profile with their mug, you two become friends.

Budweiser calls this the Buddy Cup. The Buddy Cup comes with a processor built in, and also a motion sensor. This will somehow connect to the internet and make you and the other person friends as soon as you click it. The video below explains everything. So, would you like to have such a cup?

Source: Gizmodo

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