A 6.3 Inch Android Smartphone Is Likely To Debut From Samsung

A model poses with Galaxy Note of Samsung Electronics during a local launch event for Samsung's mobile devices at the company's headquarters in SeoulLaunching of various phablets had been in the news since the exhibition of Xperia Z from Sony and Optimus Vu from LG, both having a display size of 5 inch. Right after that there was a strong rumor that Samsung, the South Korean tech giant is working on a smarphone that will have an impressive 5.9 inch display. But though at that time Samsung commented as “unable to provide comments on market rumors” when asked by ZDNet Asia.

But rumors are now that Samsung might be planning for an even bigger display! Because in a recent report, ETNews has reported that Samsung is actually planning to launch a 6.3 inch screened smartphone and that too in this June 2013. It also reported that the smartphone can double as a smart pad too, so obviously we hope to call it a “phablet”. The rumor is however not from the air as the news seems to come from an unnamed official of Samsung who let the news spill in fact a little elaborately. As ETNews quoted the official, the statement included a project named “Möbius”; under which smartphones and smart pads that were so far treated as separate gadgets are being merged as one.

And as far speculation goes, we expect the new Galaxy Mega ‘phablet’ of Samsung to run on the latest version of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie besides Samsung’s own customized Touchwiz user interface. Well the other features might include a dual-core Exynos processor, an 8MP rear-facing camera, and a 2MP front-facing camera. Now though there is no news on its possible price but at least it can be expected that the “phablet” must be available in the same usual black and white colors like their latest Samsung Galaxy S IV.

SOURCE: The Inquirer

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