3D printed light speakers

3D Printed Light Speakers

3D printing is the next big thing in the world of technology. It is the next big thing that hobbyists and scientists have started working with, and that is because the possibilities of the applications of a 3D printer look endless now. There are scientific researches going on how to create or print human DNA from a 3D printer. The world is changing rapidly.

Anyway, here is a good product or result of a lot of testing, designing and printing from a 3D printer, a speaker with LEDs all over it. Yes, this is a 3D printed LED light speaker. An Autodesk engineer who is known as Evan Atherton is behind this product. As part of a design exercise, Evan Atherton designed a set of 3D printed speakers which come with Lumi Geek powered LEDs.

The printer used to print this set of speakers is a very capable, and hence very expensive, 3D printer when compared to those 3D printers which the hobbyists and the general public is capable of getting, which is the Objet Connex 500.

It is being said that the 3D printed LED light speakers was just a concept to test the designs and will not be available commercially. But with all the Lumi Geek LEDs, the speakers look just awesome. But in case this set of speakers does make it to the market any time soon, it will be very expensive. This is because the development of the product takes around 60 hours, which includes man and machine times, and $2,000 worth of printed material.

Are you interested in buying one? If so, how much are you ready to pay for such as device?

Source: Ubergizmo

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