13-inch ASUS Taichi finally ships to retail stores!

Consumers can heave a sigh of relief! The long awaited ASUS Taichi 13 inch tablet is finally on its way to retail stores after a long delay that left eager users cooling their heels. The tablet has some fancy features that whipped up consumers into frenzy after it’s unveiling. The long delay between the launch and the shelf however left a lot of users frustrated.

asus2The 13 inch variant is a marked improvement on its 11 inch predecessor. The 11.6 inch Taichi offered users a unique dual-screen that reduced the battery life of the device significantly, nullifying the excitement caused by the dual-screen. This time round however, ASUS has worked on the tablet to improve battery life while still offering users the swanky dual-screen design.

The result is a 13-inch, dual 1080p display on both screens with fantastic viewing angles and clear, crisp, bright pictures on both screens. Other features of the tablet include an improved seven hour battery life, multi-touch and pen input on the exterior display, 4GB RAM and i5 or i7 processor configurations based on the variant a consumer choose. Both models will offer SSD storage.

The Taichi works like a hybrid and offers users the option to use the ASUS device as both a laptop and a tablet. When the device is opened up it is a laptop with the inner screen working as the laptop display. When folded up the Taichi works like a tablet and the stylus comes into play. A beautiful and original design by ASUS not seen in other manufacturers, the Taichi wrestled with battery life problems. Not anymore thought, the 13 inch variant claims to fix the issue.

Users can look forward to a brilliant tab-hybrid experience once the ASUS 13.3 inch Taichi hits retail stores!

SOURCE: Engadget

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