Zuckerberg bests Tim Cook, Larry Page in List of Highest Rates CEOs

Mark Zuckerberg topped the list of the highest-rated CEOs of 2013 in Glassdoor’s recently-published study.


The Facebook CEO received a 99 percent approval rating, besting other heads of companies from various fields.

Zuckerberg’s performance may be seen as impressive, given that during the month of May last year, the company’s stocks were quite unstable.

One commenter, whose name is not disclosed, lauds Zuckerberg’s ability to encourage trust and a sense of belongingness within Facebook. This, says the employee, promotes respect for the young CEO.

Apart from topping the list, Zuckerberg is also among the youngest CEOs, at 28 years of age. The Harvard dropout is likewise one of the world’s richest, with a net worth of $13.3B, according to Forbes.

Meanwhile, among the CEOs of tech-related companies who were included in Glassdoor’s list this year, as well, are:

Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe of SAP (99%); Joe Tucci of EMC, (96%); Paul E. Jacobs of Qualcomm, (95%); Pierre Nanterme of Accenture (95%); Larry Page of Google (95%);

Mark Templeton of Citrix (95%); Marc Benioff of Salesforce (94%); Jeff Bezos of Amazon (93%); Hans Vestberg of Ericsson-Worldwide (93%); Tim Cook of Apple (93%); Paul S. Otellini of Intel (91%); Tom Georgens of NetApp (91%); Brad Smith of Intuit (91%); Scott McGregor of Broadcom (82%); Larry Ellison of Oracle (82%); and Michael S. Dell of Dell (81%).

Glassdoor’s list is based on half a million reviews from employees collected between the dates February 25, 2012 to February 24, 2013.

It may be recalled that last year, Tim Cook was on top of the list. On this year’s list, however, Cook’s popularity as compared with the others dropped to the number 18 spot.

In the 2012 list, Cook was joined by Google’s Page, Intel’s Otellini, and Hewlett Packard’s Meg Whitman, among others. Whitman is absent from this year’s list, along with Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, who is relatively new. The Next Web notes that the only woman in the 2013 Glassdoor list is Sharen Turney of Victoria’s Secret.

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  1. Bogus ratings. They are based on the employees finding the site and filling out the form. totally unscientific and very likely skewed.

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